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How to book the band.

The easiest way is to check the band's availability in the Events Calendar then use the Booking Enquiry Form to make an enquiry, alternatively call Alex on 07803 837938.

Mrs. Miggins’ Pie Shoppe pride ourselves on our track record and positive feedback from our clients, the band are top class musicians with high quality equipment. 
We have extensive experience in playing at everything from pub gigs to weddings and corporate events. 
Whilst there may be cheaper bands available we offer a very professional service and peace of mind.
The band have a Logic System PA system which can be configured using different speaker arrangement according to the size of the event with a maximum power of 8kW RMS.
We also have a laser show and lighting rig with haze system.
We can optionally provide an automated DJ and background music between sets or you can provide your own mp3 player, iPod or laptop for the background music if you prefer. 
We usually perform two 45-60 minute sets but we are flexible and can work around your exact requirements.

FAQs regarding charges.

Costs vary depending on the size of the venue and the equipment required, the number and duration of the sets performed, the distance travelled and the day and time. Typically charges for parties start from around £750 plus expenses for fuel and/or overnight accommodation depending on the distance.

Weddings tend to have a higher cost typically around £1500 (plus expenses as above) due to early setup times, multiple journeys to the venue and ensuring & guaranteeing availability.

Please make an enquiry for a quotation.

To confirm a booking, Mrs. Miggins' Pie Shoppe require a non-refundable deposit usually £100.

Payment for the event is to be in cash on the day of the event or by cleared funds arranged in advance for example bank transfer.

General questions.

Mrs. Miggins' Pie Shoppe formed in 2008.

Although the line up has had a couple of changes - we keep wearing drummers out - all of the members have many years of experience of playing in live bands and are some of the best musicians around the area.

Information regarding the band equipment.

13A Socket13A Socket
We require two 13A outlets on a ring main circuit for the PA and lighting rig.

230V 16A Lead

For outdoor events supplied by a generator, we require a 32A 230V outlet.

Our equipment is tested and certified by In Service Inspection

FAQs regarding what to expect from the band.

We require an area at least 5m wide by 3m deep. A bigger area than this is better as it allows us to configure the lights up more effectively.

For larger events, we also require an area approximately 2m square for the sound mixer and equipment/lighting control desk and the engineer. This needs to be within 30m of the stage.

Mrs Miggins' Pie Shoppe will usually perform two 45-60 minute sets with a 10-15 minute break, however, we are flexible and this can be altered to suit your exact requirements. 

We can also play recorded music between sets or provide a connection so you can play your own choice of music.

We usually take around two hours to set up for a show, this includes around 15 minutes for a sound check.

Mrs Miggins' Pie Shoppe perform in black shirts with red ties and black trousers.

We are flexible about the length of the break, usually 10 - 20 minutes is plenty.
We can play background music during the break if desired.

For your party event, we will endeavour to learn one new song if there is sufficient time before the event and if it can be played with the instruments we use.


Seriously, no this is not a requirement but if you insist on feeding and watering the band they will not resist.

Questions about insurance.

We have public liability cover for up to £1 million.