Pete Garyga - Bass


Pete has been a member of Mrs. Miggins' Pie Shoppe since it was conceived, he is a versatile bass player who has played with several bands over the years. 
He also enjoys the sound and lighting aspects of the band and does the design and configuration for both. 
Pete is also responsible for the band's website and takes care of the booking enquiries.

Pete's Gear

I remember begging my mum for a guitar from her catalogue when I was about 12, I think it cost about 20 quid - a Kay Gibson SG copy.
The word rubbish doesn't do justice to how bad that thing was! I didn't touch it for about 2 years then decided it was time to learn.
Out came a tune a day and I learned some basic cords.
A couple of years later, we formed a band at school in Derby called Wargazm (that name stuck as my nickname for years). 
I had decided that it would be cool to play bass so cut the 6 strings off the Kay and added 4 short scale bass strings. It was still rubbish but now even worse - didn't know what intonation was back then! 
During that year I managed to get hold of a Satelite bass, better than the screwed up Kay but still erm... rubbish it did play though! 

Now set on my road to fame and fortune and a couple of gigs down the road with Wargazm. I answered an advert for a rhythm guitarist from a local rock band called Cougar.
Little did I know that 28 years later, I'd be playing music again with the same drummer and lead guitarist from Cougar - Gary 'Chopper' Humber and Paul Vernon Smith!
When the bass player - left Cougar, I took up playing bass for the band. I've alternated between rhythm guitar and bass since, although I don't play much guitar nowadays.
Around 1990 after earlier recording a single with Loneshark (again with Gary on drums) called 'Back Seat Love' and after playing many gigs around the country, I decided to stop playing - what a mistake that was with hindsight.

 17 years later, a friend of mine dragged me along to a jam night, he mentioned to the organiser that I played bass, trembling a bit, I got up and twanged out some standard jam night tunes with the band, from that moment, I was hooked again!!!
I joined another band called The Learning Curve which was good but not really going anywhere. I had a phone call from a guy who's voice was familiar - there's only one Gary Chopper Humber! 
We set about forming Mrs. Miggins' Pie Shoppe and recruited the other members. Unfortunately "Chop" had to stop playing due to tinitus and Dan Jordan took over as drummer.
Dan has now moved on to other things and Alex Ganley has taken over the kit.