Alex Ganley - Drums

Alex is the newest member to join the band and third drummer to play regularly with us. He is a very accomplished and skilled player and has featured in many bands.

Alex's Gear

I first picked up a real pair of drum sticks on my fourth birthday along with a small percussion plus kit my parents got for me. Before that it was just me hitting all of my Mum’s pots and pans with any old stick that I could find outside in the garden. Much to my family’s dismay, even when they had had enough of the noise I would resort to hitting what ever else I could get my hands on. This was normally my older Brother’s head.

 Growing up I was always interested in big band Jazz and at the age of ten I joined a junior wind band that then turned into a small Jazz band, for me this was where it all started. At thirteen, I joined the local youth band where I was able to utilise my skills from the last nine years of reading sheet music. This continued until I was in my early teens, (14/15 if I remember right). Meanwhile, I was in and out of multiple school bands, local orchestra’s and show bands.

 At 17, I was asked to join a local band called Homelands. I believe this is where I pushed my abilities to the next level. Homelands went on for 5 years, and within that we also went out as a tribute to The Police called ‘Every Breath You Take’.

 In May 2015, I was filling in for an original band, Split Sofa. I played a grand total of three nights with them, however it’s worth noting that one of these venues was the famous Cavern Club. It was a true privilege to play on that stage, even if it has been rebuilt and moved up the road since The Beatles made their debut.

 July 2015 soon came and I joined the boys in black shirts and red ties and I am enjoying every moment of it. It is a pleasure to play with such talented, yet friendly guys. Hope to meet all of you dedicated fans soon.